Pictorial Map of China 1931

Pictorial Map of China 1931

From: EGP460.00

This vibrant pictorial Kharita™ is a pictrial map of China cartographed by Primakoff, G and hand engraved by Sergeeff, P.. The map was published in 1931 by the Northern Trading Company, and is a living testament to the beautiful craft of cartography. Besides “Map of China”, the map is also titled in Chinese with”象形中華民國人物輿地全圖’ which roughly translates to the same thing.

2 inset map show January and July isotherms.

Map Info

Creator: Sergeeff, P., Primakoff, G.
Date: 1931
Language(s): English/Chinese
Scale: –
Location: World


A3, A2, A1, A0

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