Commercial Map of the Near East 1921

Commercial Map of the Near East 1921

From: EGP460.00

This insightful Kharita™, issued by the Irving National Bank in 1921, was used by businessman in order to understand the geo-economical landscape of the middle east (also knows as the near east) This map shows local agriculture, fisheriees, natural and mineral resources, major cities, chief seaports, direction of trade, principal railways, and navigable rivers. The map is color–coded to show terrain features that effect trade, including deserts and marshlands, lands below sea level, lowlands, uplands and plateaus, older worn down mountains, and younger rugged mountains as well as highlighting the major trade centers in the region

Map Info

Creator:  General Drafting Company
Date: 1921
Language(s): English
Scale: approximately 1:5,480,000 – 1:8,500,000
Location: Middle East 


A3, A2, A1, A0

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