Saigon 1964

Saigon 1964

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This Kharita of Saigon, Vietnam was created by the US defense mapping agency during the peak of the Vietnam war. 

The United States became involved in the Vietnam War in the early 1960s, providing military aid and eventually deploying combat troops to support the South Vietnamese government against the communist forces of North Vietnam. The U.S. involvement escalated over time, with a significant increase in troop levels and intense bombing campaigns. The war had a profound impact on American society, causing divisions and protests back home. The U.S. withdrew its forces in 1973, and the war ended in 1975 with the reunification of Vietnam under communist rule. The Vietnam War remains a controversial and significant chapter in American history.

The map is interesting in that it is portrayed in both English, Vietnamese and French, which is seemingly a common pattern in vietnamese maps during this period. Relief shown by contours, gradient tints, and spot heights. Depths shown by gradient tints and soundings.

Map Info

Creator: United States. Defense Mapping Agency
Date: 1:12,500
Language(s): English, Vietnamese and French
Scale: 1:12,500
Location: East Asia


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