Middle East and Arabia 1766

Middle East and Arabia 1766

From: EGP460.00

This appealing Kharita™ of the Middle East and Arabia by Brion de la Tour, covers the Arabian peninsula as well as Turkey, Cyprus, Armenia, Iran, Egypt, (Political divisions are color coded) The map notes some important early places including Babylon, Media, Assyria, Mesopotamia, etc. as well as important rivers and mountains.

This map also features a detailed explanation of the geographic and political theatre in the region which is surrounded by Brion de la Tour’s elaborate rococo border work and title cartouche. This map was prepared by Brion de la Tour and published in Louis Charles Desnos’ Geographie Moderne, Historique et Politique.

Map Info

Creator:  Brion de la Tour
Date: 1766
Language(s): French 
Scale: –
Location: Arabian Peninsula


36 x 24.5, 49 x 36, 72 x 49

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