Des Spheres 1786

Des Spheres 1786

From: EGP460.00

This is a decorative chart by French cartographer Louis Brion de la Tour dating to 1786. It depicts two armillary spheres based on the Ptolemaic model. The first sphere is shown on its side with axis points at the horizon while the second sphere depicts the usual upright orientation.

To the left and right of the map are paste downs of French text with remarks and descriptions of the map. All of which is surrounded by an elaborate, decorative border featuring floral arrangements, surveying tools elaborate baroque scalloping, and a winged globe. This map was issued in the most deluxe edition of Desnos’ 1786: Atlas General Methodique et Elementaire, pour l´ edude de la Geographie et de l´Histoire Moderne

Map Info

Creator: Louis Brion de la Tour
Date: 1786
Language(s): French
Location: World


36 x 24.5, 49 x 36, 72 x 49

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