Bounds Map of Cairo 1946

Bounds Map of Cairo 1946

From: EGP460.00

This historically rich Kharita™ shows a section of modern Cairo in 1946, focusing on the downtown area or roughly what came to be called Wist al-Balad—the middle-of-the-city.

It was created as a resource for British Soldiers stationed in Cairo, the map offers remarkable insights into British military life in Cairo during WWII. The colour coding defines zones permitted to British personnel and those that were strictly off limits. The white zones at the center of the map highlight where British soldiers could move freely, while pink zones were ‘out-of-bounds’. The red buildings highlights sites of interest for British personnel, Including, cinemas, the Royal Opera House, the Y.M.C.A, numerous clubs, and the headquarters of British troops in Egypt.

Map Info

Creator: Great British War Office
Date: 1946
Language(s): English
Scale: 1:5,000
Location: Cairo, Egypt


27.5 x 35, 35 x 55, 55 x 70

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